Focus on the group’s energy saving program

The group’s environmental policy is reflected in very concrete projects deployed on our production sites.
The LEANERGY program, deployed from January 2017 to December 2018 on the MF Productions Saumur site, aims to reduce the site’s energy consumption by 500 MWh per year.
In order to achieve this ambitious objective, an in-depth diagnosis of the site was carried out with the support of external experts.

The operational part of the project was broken down into 10 axes, of which here are a few examples :
 Recovery of energy from the production of compressed air to heat the site’s hot water.
 Conversion of site lighting by combining LEDs and presence detectors.
 Validation and implementation of reduced operating modes for air handling units during periods of inactivity (weekends, nights, etc.).
 Sensitisation of site staff to eco-behaviour.
 Improved insulation of thermal utilities (steam, hot water, ice water).
 Standardisation of cold production around 2 main cold groups.

One of our air handling unit dedicated to conditioning after the extra insulation was installed required a reduced operational setting

The success of this project calls for another, so the LEANERGY 2 project was launched in January 2019 with a renewed ambition : Reduce the site’s fossil fuel consumption by 40% by end of 2020.
This high level of requirement requires the implementation of advanced technologies, particularly on steam generation, and will result in a significant reduction in the site’s carbon footprint.

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